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There are so many ways you can donate to Friends of Rescue, including ways that you won’t even notice, BUT WE WILL! Click on the links below. You will be redirected to websites that will explain how to sign up. Then every time you shop online, swipe a rewards card, or go for a walk, you are contributing to FOR!

If you prefer to set up prescriptions, flea meds, heartworm prevention, etc. with your vet using an online pharmacy, PLEASE use Rescue Pet RX! They also have many other items available on their website that do not require a veterinarians authorization! 100% of their profits are donated to the rescue group of your choice when you place your order, and you guessed it… we want you to chose Friends of Rescue, Inc.!!

Ever heard of They are an amazing online pet supply store that has free shipping on orders over $49 and customer service like no other! You can even set up reoccurring shipments and save up to 25% on auto-ship order so stop going to buy food every week, let Chewy ship it to your house! You can also set up reoccurring shipments to go to Friends of Rescue foster homes if you’d like! Just use address 213 Oakwood Ave NW, Huntsville, AL 35811. So here’s the deal, if you set up a NEW account and place an order, Friends of Rescue gets $20! But you have to use this link: Pass the link around.. don’t be scared!

Kroger Plus Card Sign up online. First, get a Kroger Plus card from customer service or a cashier. Then go online and register your card. When you’re registered, select Friends of Rescue (53823) as your organization to donate to. It’s that easy! Now, when you swipe your card during check out, FOR receives money! You can also set up your card to have an “alternate id” and this is a great place to put your cell phone number so you don’t even need your card at check out, just type in your cell number at the credit card swiper. *Designating your charity needs to be done annually.

Here’s a fun one!! It’s a round-up tool! They even have an app for your phone! You select your bank, pick your charity (we recommend Friends of Retrievers Rescue, of course), and round up whenever you want to make your bank account end in .00. FOR gets the change… How about them apples! This is great for all of those OCD people that would love to have their bank account end in zero each month after reconciliation!

iGive App This is an app you can download onto your PC, Mac, Android or Apple phone. You sign up, download the app, log in, and then anytime you visit a website that participates in the iGive program, you will see a little orange flower in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Click on that flower, continue your shopping, and BAM! we get a portion of your purchase! Easy peazy!

Amazon Smile Click the link, log in, (and save it to your favorites!) so each time you shop on, we receive a percentage of your total purchase amount! Once you designate us, you can go to anytime to log in and FOR will already be set up to receive your contribution!

Speaking of Amazon, we have Wish Lists! After you sign up for Amazon Smile, check out our wish lists! There are 5 lists to chose from and our foster homes appreciate every single donation that comes in! They couldn’t do what they do without your contributions of food, puppy pads, litter, pet beds, toys, etc.!

Download the Planet Fundraiser App! It’s FREE and all you have to do is snap a pic of your receipts from selected stores. The stores then donate a percentage of dollars to FOR! How great is that? Planet Fundraiser is just kicking off in Huntsville and Athens, but a lot of stores like Publix, Target, and Walgreens are already part of the app as well as a lot of the restaurants! Decatur area is coming soon, too! Please download the app, pick Friends of Rescue, and snap your receipts when you shop! You can actually even track your own donation amount! (or make yourself anonymous if you want to).

Tennessee Valley Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) This is an opportunity for Federal Employees to designate automatic payroll deductions to Friends of Rescue. Our CFC Campaign id is 34657. This website provides information about the campaign, eligibility, dates for enrollment, and the application.

Donate Monthly On the right side on any of our webpages, you will see a button that allows you to select a specific increment of funds that you would like to have automatically withdrawn from your PayPal account every month and sent straight to us! This is an easy way to contribute to FOR, automatically, and all of your tax-deductible donations are tracked in PayPal, making it easy at tax time!

Woof Trax! Support FOR simply by walking your dog! Use this free app each time you grab for the leash. Every walk counts, whether it’s a walk around the block or a three-mile hike. Magnify your impact by sharing the app with your friends and family. Download the app, select Friends of Rescue as the beneficiary, and press Go!

ResQwalk! This is a free mobile app that enables you to donate money to Friends of Rescue simply by walking! Download the app, select your organization, press start, and get moving!