Feral Cat Colonies

We support several volunteers who feed feral cat colonies.  Some stray cats are considered feral and no matter how hard we can try to socialize them, it is ingrained in their DNA to be outside in the wild.  Because they were not properly socialized and/or they are instinctively wild, they are unable to be adopted into suitable homes.  These cats still deserve to be loved and cared for despite their lack of social skills.

Not only are these volunteers spending $100’s each month feeding these cats as if they were their own, but they are also trapping them and taking them to a vet clinic to be spay and neuter in an effort to reduce the cat overpopulation epidemic Southern states face.  The cats also receive their rabies vaccinations and any antibiotics needed for wounds!  We support these rescuers the best we can by donating much needed cat food and assisting with trapping and vetting.  Just because these animals are not in our foster program does not mean they don’t deserve to be cared for.

If you would like to assist in these programs by donating money for cat food and vetting, please consider donating monthly by selecting the DONATE MONTHLY button on the side bar of our website and writing  “feral cats” in the memo section.  You can also deliver inexpensive bags of cat food to the FOR House at 213 Oakwood Ave NW, Huntsville, AL 35811 or ship it to us using Chewy.com or Amazon Smile (see our Click To Contribute page to see how your order from these two websites can help FOR!).  If you would like to help feed the colonies or be part of the transport team needed to transfer traps to the vet’s office and back to the colony, please email info@forrescue.net for details!